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Whenever there’s chaos and drama happening in Hollywood or hip-hop, Azealia Banks finds a way to incorporate herself in it.

The Harlem rapper wasted no time giving her two cents about the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. She took to Twitter to vent and revealed which of her predecessor’s side she’s on. Banks tweeted, and deleted, “I bet nick will do something pussy and try to call the cops on remy. She’s evil enough to try and set remy up like that. Soon you’ll be knocking on my door trying to buy pieces of your soul back. Lol KEEP IT UP. Give me more more energy Onika, I will suck you dry.”

She continued, “She’s wants me to retaliate but I’m smart enough to never interrupt my enemy while they are making a mistake. Perfect timing. I literally just put her energy in a bottle. I’ll pull the bottle out and sprinkle it on one of the FANTASEA tracks. Thank you Nicki Minaj for the free energy! I will be bottling it up and using it for FANTASEA!!!!!”

But Azealia may not be jumping the gun with her shade this time around. Many people believed that Nicki’s verse on “Make Love” was a shot at Azealia and not Remy. Banks recently dealt with some Nicki drama of her own last year when she blasted the star on social media, claiming that Nicki’s video game featured a character that may have been based on Banks — so of course she’s team “whoever is against Nicki Minaj.”