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'Grudge Match' Atlanta Screening

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Ex-NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart is not playing games with YouTube sensation Andrew Caldwell. Stewart recently won a $3 million judgment against Caldwell, who claimed that the two had a gay relationship. Stewart proclaimed in court documents, “at all times during his life, Mr. Stewart has been, and is, a heterosexual male.”

Stewart was awarded a default judgement back in November, since Caldwell failed to appear in court. Then, this past Friday, Stewart was awarded $1.5 million in general damages as well as $1.5 million in punitive damages. Stewart originally sued for $4.5 million for loss of earnings, emotional distress, and damage to his image.

Stewart used to be married to The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams and Caldwell claimed that his relationship with Stewart happened while he was still married. Stewart insisted that Caldwell’s allegations were made to damage his marriage and they resulted in his son, Syre, getting bullied.

With the judgment, Calwell could have his wages garnished, but Caldwell is prepared to fight if this should happen. He has also called out blogs and media publications for supposedly spreading lies about him. On a video posted to his Facebook, Caldwell repeatedly referred to Stewart as “oatmeal pot face” and announced, “I am definitely, on next week, I’m going to put on my black suit, I’m going to put on my tie, I’m going to go cut my hair, I’m going to go and put me on some sunglasses with my Louis Vuitton bag, and I’m walking right in that court room, and me and my lawyers, we are going to file a lawsuit.” You can see the full video below.

It’s still unclear if he’ll be taking action specifically against Stewart or media publications like Later in the video, he apologized to Stewart, Kim Burrell, and any other person he had a beef with. So it seems his feelings are in between forgiveness and retaliation. I guess we’ll find out his final decisions in the near future.