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Source: Ruslan Dashinsky / Getty

One Memphis nail salon doesn’t want to put in the work to accommodate plus size people. This was all revealed when a woman took a photo of a sign that was supposedly posted outside the Rose Nails salon. It read, “Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fee for pedicurists.” The picture was posted on Facebook and was shared over 500 times.

A local ABC station questioned the owner of the salon, Son Nguyen, and he denied that the sign, now gone, was ever there. “This isn’t your business? Because it looks like the same floor,” WREG reporter Shay Arthur asked as she revealed the Facebook photos. “Oh, yeah. Uh. No, I don’t think so. Sometimes the floor … there are same walls and floors everywhere, it could be anywhere, I don’t know,” replied Nguyen.

Nguyen continues, “No, I’m thinking [about putting one up], but I never put it up.” Nguyen already charges men $5 more for pedicures because they don’t come as often as women, according to him. But he outright said that he denies service to people who are “severely overweight.” He argues plus size people are a challenge and in the past these “overweight” individuals have broken chairs due to their size. “Two times,” he said. “It’s at least about $2,000 or $2,500 [for replacement chairs].”

Well, it seems like Nguyen better find a way to accommodate people of a larger size. His salon’s Yelp page is currently filled with one-star reviews calling them out.