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The Game Host Prive

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

It seems like The Game can’t avoid paying money he owes, no matter how hard he tries. The rapper was already set to dish out some cash when his former reality TV co-star, Priscilla Rainey, won a $7 million judgment against him for allegedly sexually assaulting her. However, The Game tried to go around this payment by claiming Viacom was partially responsible. He argued they cast Rainey on She’s Got Game, even after a doctor supposedly told them not to because of Rainey’s alleged violent history. Her casting on the show was enough reason for The Game to sue Viacom for $20 million, claiming the company was negligent.

Now, according to Bossip, someone else is coming after The Game for money. Rapper 40 Glocc sued The Game for allegedly chasing him down with a gun and attacking him back in 2012. According to 40 Glocc, more than a dozen members of The Game’s entourage were involved in the attack and The Game filmed the incident to be posted on Youtube (it was later taken down). Last year, a judge ruled in 40 Glocc’s favor and ordered The Game to shell out $196,335.115. However, the Compton rapper never paid and now 40 Glocc has filed a lien to retrieve the funds. If The Game wins his case against Viacom, he would have to pay 40 Glocc the nearly $200,000 first and then he’ll get to keep what’s left over.

It looks like when all is said and done, The Game is paying…some way, some how.