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If you want to see a bunch of explosions and robots beating each other up, you should go see Transformers: The Last Knight. It’s a flick full of action and mayhem that’s definitely pleasing to the eye.

As for the plot — it lost me several times but it’s a Michael Bay film about robot cars, dinosaurs, and knights. You should know what to expect and not let the lack of clarity ruin the movie. Not to mention, mega actor Mark Wahlberg stars in it. We chatted with him for today’s Extra Butter w/ Xilla Valentine and he told us how uncomfortable he was running around with long hair and skinny jeans during the making of the movie. “I remember where I just had to walk up on top of this car and the pants are so tight, I’m like I pulled a muscle in my back.”

Josh Duhamel and Isabela Moner share their experiences as well. But the major highlight of the entire London trip came when Wahlberg directed me and four other journalists in a recreation of the Spice Girls Wanna Be music video.

That’s right. Watch it for yourself below.