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When you think of a versatile artist, Dej Loaf has to come to mind. Many people know her from the hit single “No Problems.” The song pushed Dej into the spotlight and ever since then, she’s thrown a few curve balls. Club ready tracks like “Back Up” will have you throwing it in the circle, while the criminally underrated “Me U & Hennessy” will prep you for that late night chill with bae.

Now, Dej is once again defying expectations. Our folks over at Cassius caught up with her during the music video shoot for her latest release “No Fear.” The track reflects where the singer is today with her career. She’s in control. “It’s important that you’re hands on with your stuff,” Dej explained. “I trust the people I’m around, I trust my team, I trust Columbia, but overall I trust me. I trust myself…I want them to see me as the title of the song, you know, fearless.”

You can watch the part one of Dej’s journey below, which is the start of a five-part series, chronicling her current wave. Also, be sure to check out the music video for “No Fear,” here.

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