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Kanye West allegedly wants nothing more to do with Jay Z‘s TIDAL service, according to a new report that has surfaced from TMZ.

Inside sources say Kanye wants to sever ties with the streaming company because they allegedly owe him about $3 million from the 1.5 million new subscribers he raked in with the release of The Life of Pablo in February 2016 (TLOP streamed on TIDAL exclusively when it was first released, and then became available on other services). Over the past month, Ye’s people have sent two separate letters confirming that his deal with TIDAL is a wrap. But according to the streaming service, he’s not getting off the hook so easily.

Kanye claims he was not reimbursed for his music videos, though TIDAL argues that he didn’t deliver the videos required in his contract. Kanye, in turn, refuses to produce said videos until TIDAL cuts that check. In addition, TIDAL says Kanye is ultimately under contract with them, and if he tried to go to another streaming service they’d have every right to sue him. Kanye’s response? I’ll sue them right back!

The news of West’s split from TIDAL comes just two days after Jay-Z kicked up dust with his new album, 4:44. Though Jay goes in on his former friend and collaborator on the song “Kill Jay Z,” sources tell TMZ their TIDAL dispute started long before the album was released.

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