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Things are not looking good for DMX.

On Thursday, the IRS hit the rapper with 14 counts of tax evasion, forcing him to surrender himself to law enforcement, TMZ reports. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in NYC, X has concealed his income for several years and is now about $1.7 million in the red to the IRS. The FEDs believe that the rapper avoided using personal bank accounts and used accounts of surrogates, including business managers, and lived mostly on cash. Court documents reveal that when DMX appeared on Couples Therapy back in 2012, he was supposed to be paid $125,000 — but when he got his initial check the proper taxes had been withheld, which the emcee wasn’t too pleased about.

X reportedly went back to producers and demanded a new check for the full amount, which he got. Prosecutors have listed his 2011 and 2012 income in the indictments as “unknown,” when he actually made $353k and $542k, respectively. In 2013, he finally reported his income as $10k, which is a little suspicious to the FEDs, who say he actually raked in $250k that year.

The X man is set to be indicted on Friday and if he is convicted on all 14 counts, he’s looking at 44 years in federal lockup. This wouldn’t be the rapper’s first time behind bars, but it would definitely be the longest.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest.

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