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R. Kelly 12 Nights Of Christmas - Brooklyn, New York

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The R. Kelly allegations continue to get more troubling, after news surfaced that he was running two houses filled with a “cult” of women. 

One of the main people calling the R&B singer out is Timothy Savage, the father of an alleged victim, Jocelyn Savage. Jocelyn responded to the R. Kelly allegations, saying she’s not being held against her will and she’s happy with the people she’s around. Despite Jocelyn’s claims, her father doesn’t believe her. He thinks Jocelyn is experiencing Stockholm Syndrome and is under the tight control of Kelly.

Now, the father is speaking out even more, denying allegations that he orchestrated the meet up between R. Kelly and his daughter. He also claimed that Kelly started his relationship with some of the “cult” women when they were 17 years old. Age of consent varies by state and even those laws can get specific depending on the age range of both parties. The two states R. Kelly is accused of running his cults, Illinois and Georgia, have age of consents at 17 and 16. Even with this in mind, R. Kelly still has an alleged history of targeting under-aged girls.

Timothy stressed that it wasn’t so much the age difference that bothered him if both people were of age, but it’s the abuse factor that troubles him. “It’s almost like slavery,” he said. “Nobody can allow women to go through what we’re going through, especially our daughter.”

Timothy went said law enforcement and the FBI are investigating the whole situation, with one of his family members adding that they’re taking a special look into Florida. You can watch Timothy’s full video below.