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Omarosa Manigult and April Ryan have had their fair share of drama over the past year or so, but leave it Omarosa to ensure that the drama continues.

According to TMZ, the former Apprentice star caused an uproar at the National Association of Black Journalists’ convention. Things got heated as Manigult started to defend her boss, Donald Trump. The panel’s moderator, Ed Gordon, asked Omarosa about Trump’s position on policing after the President told police officers not to be so nice to arrest suspects. However, Manigult was not here for the  Trump questions, and proceeded to spat with Gordon.

When asked what she’s been doing for the community, Omarosa scoffed at Gordon, “I sit at a table where I am not only the only African-American woman, but the only African-American at all. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” The crowded booed her.

In addition, Omarosa reportedly verbally attacked CNN commentator Symone Sanders for talking trash on social media, suggesting Omarosa shouldn’t have been there at all. She allegedly used her reality television bullying tactics to intimidate April Ryan, who was being honored as journalist of the year, as she sat by the bar with friends. See below:

However, Omarosa’s team denies the claims.

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