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JDRF Imagine Gala 2017

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Ever since Usher’s been accused of putting folks at risk for herpes, the pop singer has kept a low profile. Now, it seems like he’s ready to reconnect with his fans, but for reasons you might not have guessed.

The A-town crooner made an appearance on Ellen to unveil a new app called Megastar. According to the singer, you can upload videos to the app, sharing your best talent — singing, comedy, dancing, etc. — for an opportunity to win $1 million. In Usher’s words, “It is the first ever talent competition in the palm of your hands.”

Soon after the announcement, Usher participated in a fun game of charades where Usher acted out movie titles for an audience member to guess. When it got to Magic Mike, Usher, declined acting it out. Maybe he’s trying to veer away from sex talk? You can find the whole clip for yourself below.