Ever since Usher’s been accused of putting folks at risk for herpes, the pop singer has kept a low profile. Now, it seems like he’s ready to reconnect with his fans, but for reasons you might not have guessed. The A-town crooner made an appearance on Ellen to unveil a new app called Megastar. According to […]

More details continue to spill from folks claiming they had sex with Usher. This time, the guy involved in a lawsuit against the singer is telling his story. According to court docs obtained by TMZ, the guy had sex with Usher in a Koreatown spa in L.A. TMZ didn’t clarify what kind of sex the […]

Quantasia Sharpton just won’t let up when it comes to her accusations against Usher. The young lady has been scrutinized, attacked and exposed — yet she continues to thrust herself in the spotlight just to slander the singer’s name. After accusing Usher of exposing her to herpes, Sharpton is now alleging that there’s a sex […]

A woman who is suing Usher for allegedly giving her genital herpes believes the singer is trying to pull a fast one. According to TMZ, a woman, only known as Jane Doe, thinks Usher is fraudulently transferring all his assets so they can’t be seized if he loses the $20 million lawsuit against him. In […]

Angie Stone is doing whatever she can to get people to listen to her radio show on Worldstar Hip Hop — including inserting herself into Usher‘s herpes scandal. The singer allegedly chatted with the first woman to accuse Usher of giving her herpes on her show Shift. Stone claimed that a woman named Laura felt forced […]

Usher is fighting back! The 38-year-old singer wants a $20 million Georgia lawsuit thrown out where a woman claims he gave her herpes back in April. According to Usher’s legal docs obtained by TMZ, the singer says the woman’s lawsuit has no weight since it doesn’t say whether she was tested before her alleged sexual […]

Usher supposedly continues to give his side of the story in the Quantasia Sharpton case. The woman suing him for allegedly putting her at risk for herpes said she had sex with the singer the night of one of his concerts. However, according to TMZ, Usher continues to call BS. His alibi? He was spending […]

Quantasia Sharpton isn’t letting anyone discredit her accusations against Usher — not even her own mother. Sharpton accused the singer of sleeping with her without informing her that he had herpes, and now her mother is speaking out against her daughter’s sketchy claims. Fameolous reports that Quantasia’s mom reached out to them, apologizing for her […]

Usher may have been laying low over the past couple of months due to his herpes scandal, but that hasn’t stopped the singer from doing what he does best: making music. Usher has been in the studio with his former producer, Jermaine Dupri, and is allegedly recording for a new album. JD posted videos on […]

After weeks of being roasted, dragged and accused of being a liar with herpes, Usher is finally speaking out about his relationship (or lack thereof) with Quantasia Sharpton — his only public accuser. Quantasia held a press conference on Monday, claiming the singer had unprotected sex with her without revealing he had herpes. However, Usher […]

It’s hard to tell who had a more difficult week, Usher or Quantasia Sharpton, the woman who’s suing him for not allegedly revealing that he had an STD. Usher has been laying low since news broke that he reportedly infected a woman with herpes and paid money to keep her quiet. However, Quantasia has been […]

Usher is about to enter some huge legal battles after accusation he put sexual partners at risk for herpes. Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom is already representing three clients who are seeking damages. One rapper isn’t here for all the Usher backlash. The Game came to the singer’s defense when confronted by TMZ and said, “People […]