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Cardi B In Concert - New York City

Source: Santiago Felipe / Getty

Cardi B may have the number one record in the country, but she’ll still put a hater in his/her place if need be.

During a performance on Sunday night, the Bronx rapper proved that not much has changed when it comes to standing up for herself and the people she cares about. Just because she’s a boss making money moves, doesn’t mean she won’t curse you out, a fact one fan was made well-aware of during the concert.

In the clip above, you hear Cardi shout at a concertgoer from the stage. It sounds like someone threw champagne her way, at which point she responded with “We can throw these motherf*cking hands! I don’t give a fuck!” Pointing toward the crowd, she lets it be known she’s not above giving the fan five minutes.

Watch the intense moment above and definitely think twice before you come for the young hitmaker.

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