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If you don’t know who La’Britney is, you’re sleeping boo.

Street savvy, drop dead gorgeous, humble, and talented, the leader of LaNation called in to Global Grind to talk to us about her new single “Actin Funny” and shared so many major keys in the process. From her real-life friendship with Kash Doll to schooling us on how to spot our haters, La’Britney kept it 100—and it was a breath of fresh air.

Tune into part 1 of our chat and get into the visual for “Actin Funny” feat. Kash Doll below.

La’Britney On Whether She’s Lost Loved Ones Due To Fame And Success

“It’s weird because I don’t know if it’s due to fame and success, but I know it’s definitely due to us growing apart. Maybe our lifestyles are different now. Maybe we used to do the same things and we had more time to hang out with each other, but in life things start to change. Things start to get different, so yes I have lost people I was really close with just due to life changes, you know?”

On How To Spot Someone Who Really Isn’t Happy For You

“…People making little comments to you like, ‘You acting different now’ or ‘You think you better.’ Or, literally just straight up hating—telling your business, trying to embarrass you, doing things to try to hurt you. There are people out here who really try to hurt you with their words and actions. That shit is fucked up. They’re acting funny, you feel me?”

On working with Kash Doll

“It was amazing, man, the energy between me and Kash Doll is amazing—such an organic friendship and relationship. We’ve supported each other forever, since we’ve known each other, being local, independent artists in Detroit. I’ve shown her genuine love and she’s shown me nothing but genuine love. When I went into the studio and I wrote ‘Actin Funny’, I’m like ‘Yo, it’s only one person I want on this, literally only one person, and that’s Kash Doll.'”

You gotta love La’Britney. Stay tuned for part 2.

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