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Welcome back to another Blac Chyna saga sure to have you questioning, wondering, and then finally…just giving it all to God.


If you haven’t been up to date, Chyna got into a bit of a snafu over the weekend when she was caught fighting with a stroller at Six Flags. 

That’s right, at one of their locations in L.A. on Sunday, Chyna was filmed on camera unleashing a wave of fury at some unknown target.

Don’t worry. Blac Chyna’s daughter Dream was not in said stroller.


Then, in another video, a fist fight pops off between two women — one who is believed to be Chyna’s friend.

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After all this hit the web, Chyna eventually took to her IG stories to tell her side of the incident.

Apparently, someone touched her child and that’s what set off the great stroller attack.


However, despite Chyna’s momma bear explanation, the alleged target of her attack decided to speak up, saying there’s more to the story.

Eighteen-year-old Alexis spoke with TMZ and said it all started when she saw Chyna’s daughter Dream in a stroller. She said Chyna’s daughter was being pushed by a nanny and Alexis took it upon herself to compliment the nanny on how cute the little girl was.

Alexis then proceeded to pat Dream’s hand, which was a wrong move in Chyna’s eyes. She warned Alexis not to touch her child and fifteen minutes later, Chyna was ready to fight.


Alexis says she left the situation and walked over to her own group to describe Chyna’s behavior. Then someone came up to her and told her Chyna was ready to “whoop her ass.” When Alexis ran into Chyna again a little later on, she asked her about the situation and according to Alexis, Chyna was already taking off her things, ready to go at it.


Well damn.

And that’s not even the wildest part.

According to Alexis, it wasn’t Chyna who was the first to throw blows.

It was her 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay.


Yup, Alexis said the Texas rapper started punching her and her sister several times like they were guys. Alexis claims she never even fought with Chyna.


Six Flags security eventually intervened and advised everyone to disperse, while they chose not to file a report. Meanwhile, another source close to Chyna said she went off because Alexis called her a “hood rat,” according to TMZ.

Alexis, however, denies this.

And none of this still explains the other two women fighting in the videos that leaked.


It seems like these 18-year-olds are really shaking up Chyna’s life.

Maybe it’s time for some more age-appropriate moves?



We’ll keep you updated as Blac Chyna’s saga continues.