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Kobe Bryant on the court

Source: Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty

When you’re as good at what you do as Kobe Bryant  is at basketball, you’ll deal with lots of hateration that’ll  eventually turn into altercations. But who knew that the Black Mamba and Master P almost came to blows back in the day?


On Tuesday, the hip hop mogul revealed on The Red Pill with Van Lathan podcast, “I got into it with Kobe before, at the Lakers facility. Lamar Odom kind of cooled it off.”

Seems like Lamar Odom is always around when ish hits the fan.


Master P was pretty vague about the details of the altercation, but he did add, “You know how Kobe is, the Lakers is his facility, so it was just one of those things. That’s his place.”

In the world of celebrity egos, there’s no telling when things will actually come to blows. Check out the gallery below of other stars who almost got the paws laid on them by another celeb.



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