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Drake at Toronto Raptors

Source: Cole Burston / Getty

People are continuing to be inspired by Drake‘s “Nice For What” release and this time the art world is taking notice.

Painter Richard Wilson caught a look at the music video and one image in particular inspired him to paint a whole wall. The image he saw turned out to be Yara Shahidi and the ironic thing is, Richard didn’t even know who she was before he painted the London mural.


He had to ask folks on the gram about this woman who served as his muse.

“Since then I find out she’s an amazing role model for young women in particular and has a huge following,” he said in an Instagram post. “It’s really cool cos this wall is pretty random, the path it’s on is used by parents taking their kids to school, cyclists, some alcoholics and dog walkers. Definitely not a place i’d have painted Yara if I knew. Excuse my ignorance not knowing who she was, but i learnt a lesson that you don’t always need to go big, it’s been a fixation for me lately tbh to find BIG walls only, but maybe the content is the key, just like everything always.”


Despite Richard not knowing who Yara was, she definitely approved the painting. She reposted it on her page and now it’s been liked by thousands of people.


Seems like all is well that ends well.

You can check out the finished painting below, along with Richard’s touching words on the future generation!