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Kim Kardashian has been pretty selective with her words when it comes to the controversy of family members.

Well now, Kim is letting a few words go and who but Ellen can get her to spill the tea.

First, she was asked about Tristan Thompson, who had an extramarital affair while her sister Khloé was pregnant with their baby. 

Kim kept her answer pretty diplomatic, but it was clear she didn’t have the best of praises for Tristan. Watch for yourself below.


If you’re also wondering what Kim had to say after Kanye West‘s professed “love” for Trump, she didn’t address this too much on Ellen’s show, which was probably recorded before any “Make Kanye Great Again” sentiments.

Kim however did describe her experience when she learned Kanye was back on Twitter. Swipe through to watch the story and then continue on for a hilarious game where Kim and Ellen decide if Kanye is mad or happy in pictures.

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