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Ford Announces New Electrification Project With Los Angeles Police Department

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One Chicago police officer showed his true colors when he was caught harassing two guys on video last Wednesday.

There’s little details on how the incident started, but basically two guys and an officer have a confrontation, and the cop in the squad car says “I kill motherf*ckers.” The officer was then asked by one of the guys if he attempted to run them over with his car.

The officer eventually threatens to arrest the guy recording “for walking in the street” and later the cop even gets out the car and follows the two guys, saying that their recording is illegal.

Mind you, all this happened with cops cruising in an unmarked car. Peep the clip for yourself below.



As for the claim that the guy can’t record the cop without the cop’s consent…

The state determined….that was a lie.

According to NBC Chicago 5 and state law, it is legal in Illinois to record a cop working in public regardless of their consent.

So we have a cop who boasts about killing folks and he doesn’t know the law.

Moving on.

The clip above got the attention of the Internet and was sent to the police department to open an investigation. “This kind of behavior is not what is expected of Department members and is in contrast to the hard work we have done and continue to do to rebuild trust with the communities we serve,” the department said in a statement.

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability also said they’re investigating the situation after “numerous inquires” about the video from other people.

Chicago is one of many cities with various accounts of police misconduct. The most recent incident that received mass media attention was the shooting of Laquan McDonald. But there are many other haunting stories about CPD that are coming to the light.

Looks like this Facebook video is adding to the exposure.