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Man and woman working out with exercise ball in gym.

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The gym can be a polarizing place depending on who you ask.

One trip could boost your self-confidence in an hour or it can make you hate every slim-fit, 24 hours-a-day, gym rat taking up equipment space.

To put it frankly, some people go waaay too hard in the gym.

One Chinese man seemed to take things to a whole new sexual peak when a video of his workout went viral on the Internet. According to the New York Post, the unknown man’s post went viral on Monday with a clip circulated of him thrusting his pelvis into a mat. He was attached to a weight contraption and his rhythmic technique definitely reminded people of something non-gym related.

Check out the clip for yourself below.


Too much?

To a regular non-gym-goer’s eyes, it might be quite the sight.

But apparently, the moves the Chinese man were putting down are common amongst certain exercise fanatics. Just last week, pro golfer Justin Thomas was executing some erotic moves in a gym video.

And of course, Twitter couldn’t deal.


Some people get even more creative in the gym, using machines designated for other body parts to work out their stroke game.


The workouts being performed throughout the world seem so ridiculous, many comedians have parodied the process in hilarious skits. YouTuber Tpindell‘s “The VERY Personal Trainer” is just one example of when someone “goes too hard” with their workout.


Despite the hilarity of some of these moves, don’t be mistaken…certain exercises can be truly good for your body.

Kirk Adams, a director of fitness at Golf & Body NYC broke down the Chinese man’s video with the New York Post. He said that even though the man’s video was “a bit goofy,” it was an advanced version of a common gym-rat move. “It’s basically an explosive version of the squat. It’s a belt squat,” Adams said.

Apparently, the workout targets your quads, your glutes, your hamstrings, and other lower-body muscles.

Basically, the workout makes your legs and booty look good.

“Most people, when they squat, they put a bar on their back. Instead of being loaded up with a bar on your back, you put on this belt, and the machine works on air resistance. There’s no recoil when you jump like that.”

As for golfers like Justin Thomas, his workout can help him with his sport by increasing how fast he can swing the club and how far he can send the ball. Adams says Thomas’ move is comparable to a box jump, but the equipment he uses isn’t necessarily commonplace in gyms yet. Adams says the move isn’t for beginners either.

“What inevitably happens is that amateurs see pros doing certain exercises and they try to mimic them, so I am sure I will be getting some questions about this,” says Adams.

Despite Adam’s expertise, another gym aficionado, Don Saladino told the Post that there’s no scientific proof that humping is an improvement on standard moves. “I feel there are way better decisions [you could make] on exercise selections. Some of the best glutes in the world have been developed by some of the most basic movements,” says Saladino.

Thus, non-gym-rats and sporadic gym visitors can rest easy.

Out of all the places in the world, you’re allowed to be basic at the gym.