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Lil Rel Howery Attends Atlanta Screening Of Netflix's BIRD BOX Hosted By Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star, Kandi Burruss On December 19

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Netflix premiered the Bird Box movie earlier this week and now that everyone has gotten to see it, they’re responding to the film in the most hilarious way.

Bird Box is a post apocalyptic thriller that begins when a mysterious force threatens civilization. The force, if you look at it, causes you to not only do bodily harm to yourself but pushes you to kill yourself. Mallory, played by Sandra Bullock, connects with a group of people with the desire to survive. Eventually, Mallory must use her instincts to keep her and her children alive with the help of a box of birds.

Mallory and the children are blindfolded for the majority of the film and have to figure out how to navigate the world without the ability to see. For Black Twitter, that’s the most iconic part of the movie so of course, the memes took over the internet.

What would you do if Bird Box happened in real life? Black Twitter weighed in. Check out some of the most hilarious responses.

When you and your boyfriend watch Bird Box together and his reaction is totally different than yours.


In Bird Box, Trevante Rhodes’ character Tom found a way to go to the grocery store without sight by blacking out all of the windows on the car and using the GPS to guide him. The vibe went something like this.

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