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This week’s winners won in the most strange and dramatic way possible, while the loser this week is quite true to form. Check out who came out on top (whether we like it or not) below, then hit the next page to find out who’s always coming out on the bottom


Soulja Boy

On Wednesday, Soulja Boy set the Internet on fire when he proclaimed that he taught Drake everything he knows. He referenced Drizzy’s opening line in the 2010 song “Miss Me” as a bight from his 2007 song “What’s Hannenin’.”

Soulja Boy explained the whole situation in the most dramatic way possible when he went on The Breakfast Club to discuss his “comeback.” You can check out Young Draco’s speech in the clip below…


Soulja Boy’s interview immediately went viral and not just for it’s high entertainment value.

Whereas Soulja Boy might have been a speck on someone’s mind in 2018, by this week, debates were popping up about Young Draco’s influence on today’s hip hop. Folks were dusting off their 2007 – 2009 brain files to revisit old bops gifted to us by Mr. Soulja.

Because of all this, Soulja Boy won this week.

Now granted, his comment about “making” Drake is a stretch, especially considering it’s a known tradition in hip hop to take one line from another rapper’s classic song. (One example is Pusha T borrowing a Jay-Z line for his song “The Games We Play” last year).

However, Soulja Boy’s over-the-top Breakfast Club delivery, especially when saying “Draaake,” is comedic gold destined to live in Drake-haters’ meme folders for years to come.

Not to mention, if we weren’t talking about Soulja Boy before, we are now.


The Egg

If you haven’t heard about the single egg that broke Kylie Jenner‘s record for most liked pic on Instagram, get into it.

Poultry…or dairy…or whatever it is…

It’s winning this week.


Over 48,000 likes and counting.

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