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There can be a lot of tragedies when it comes to sex.

Not orgasming is one of them.

According to one viral sex education teacher, a lot of women aren’t orgasming, and why this isn’t a national emergency is beyond comprehension.

Kelly Grove is hoping to change this with some of her clips gaining millions of views on social media. In her videos, she explains the makeup of the vagina and the specific ways folks with the sex organ can orgasm. Twitter user @jordannjust was so gracious enough to share the clips on Twitter. Check out the NSFW but very educational videos below.

First, Grove explains the makeup of the clitoris and where the g-spot is located. She then goes on to say “the vast majority of women will never orgasm through penetration.”


In Part 2, Grove continues “if no one’s stimulating your clit, you’re not actually having sex. You’re just letting someone jack off inside of you.”


Finally, in Part 3 of this Holy Grail of a lesson, Grove explains the good areas to do foreplay and she lists some stats saying, “If you go on a heterosexual hookup, you have an eleven percent chance of orgasming. If you go on a lesbian hookup, you have a 93 percent chance of both women orgasming. The only difference is, lack of penis. They’re focusing exclusively on the clit, not the penis.”


The Internet was destroyed.

Now if you’re a bonafide sex machine, surely you knew this information. But if you’ve just been pounding away at your partner with a penis or dildo and not getting to the good stuff, you might want to rewatch and take notes.

There were definitely folks on Twitter who were mind boggled, especially about the heterosexual vs. lesbian sex.


Some people made smart moves and started taking notes.


The lack of info on vaginal orgasms isn’t surprising, however. According to IFL Science!, over $2 billion has been spent on U.S. abstinence-only sex education programs since the mid-1990s. The current orange one in the White House, Donald Trump, is also trying to increase spending in this area, instead of sex education that actually informs teens about safe, comprehensive sex.

Grove currently works as a Sexual Health Coordinator in the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness at Florida State University. Her main job is to improve health and education at the university.

“Sexual education in the United States is severely lacking and the vast majority of our students have not had comprehensive sex education,” she said in an interview with Her Campus at Florida State. “Not educating individuals about sexuality leads to grave results…1 out of 5 college women will be sexually assaulted by the time they graduate. 90 percent of people with disabilities will be raped in their lifetime. And suicide rates among LGBTQIA+ youth are higher than any other demographic. We can bring these statistics down by teaching students about safer sex, consent and sexual diversity.  Education is the key to healthier and safer sexual lives.”

In one of her viral videos, Grove even went into the racial stereotypes of penis size, saying how Magnum is the “racist condom.” She explained, “There’s this myth in our culture that Black men have bigger penises because we’re hyper-sexualizing them. But it’s totally not true. But if you look at Magnum, all of their marketing is towards people who are African-American because they get more, they charge significantly more for the Magnum, they’re super thick, they feel like having sex with a garbage bag, and they’re not more effective.”


Kelly Grove for president, anyone?

It’s safe to say she’s doing God’s work.