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Last night’s episode of Grown-ish digressed from the drama that is Zoey’s life and focused more on what was going on in the crew. While Nomi is still in a secret je ne sais quoi with her professor and Ana and Aaron seem to be going their separate ways, one couple is slightly solid (other than Luca x Zoe, of course).

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After arguing and breaking up over what is and isn’t OK to post on Instagram, Doug and Jazz seem to have finally worked things out… somewhat. They were so cute together last night, in fact, I got it in my head that they should be a couple in real life.

Let’s revisit their relationship-turned-situationship.

It was obvious these two were feeling each other from jump — Jazz was clearly in like and Doug was very protective, but the loc’d beauty making herself at home in her hunk’s dorm bathroom is when they knew it was official official.

That’s real sh*t… no pun intended and was also cute sh*t because he had her back with the baby wipes for next time. Ha!

Adorable moment after adorable moment ensued. Swipe left.

Doug’s charm was so captivating they made him a series regular, in fact.

But when his girl’s Instagram brand got a little more provocative than he was used to or comfortable with, Doug wasn’t into all the extra attention she was getting and put his foot down.

Jazz stuck to her guns (we love that about her) and it didn’t look like things weren’t going to work out. Sigh…

However, we would come to see that despite the drama, these two are kind of inseparable – and definitely still boo’d up, even if it isn’t official. Last night’s episode made it clear they were still sleeping together and it ended with the two holding hands in front of the entire campus.

We’ll be tuning in next week to see where things go. Watch Grown-ish every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform and let us know who your favorite couple is.

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