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Trevor Jackson visits iOne Digital

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Trevor Jackson came through to the iOne Digital offices on Monday to kick our week off proper and talk all about one of our favorite shows, as it relates to real life. If you didn’t know, Trevor is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor, best known for his role as Aaron Jackson on Grown-ish, the Black-ish spinoff that follows Zoey Johnson off to college. So far, season 2 has been a rollercoaster ride — Aaron ended up sneaking around with Zoey’s best friend Ana, which got complicated because Aaron and Zoey had a thing for each other at one point. Nomi is sneaking around with her professor, it feels like Zoey and Luca are one argument away from calling it quits, and Doug and Jazz are still in recovery mode after breaking up over instagram.

Freeform's "Grown-ish" - Season Two

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In a moment that certainly confused me last week, Ana confessed her love for Aaron but he said he wasn’t ready to get serious. In an interview for Global Grind, I asked Trevor what emotions can cause an interested man to pass up on being in a full-on relationship.

“It depends,” he told us. “When there’s a lot of sexual chemistry, which Ana and Aaron had in the beginning, that becomes the main focus. Then, when you realize, you’re really stepping into a relationship, it can kind of be overwhelming. I think it’s about being ready. I think sometimes you can rush into something and if it feels good, you might not be thinking about all of the little steps it takes to make a relationship strong.”

I also asked his opinion on Doug and Jazz’s Instagram argument. Doug is played by Trevor’s longtime friend and collaborator Diggy Simmons, while Jazz is played by yet another music maven… Chloe Bailey. On the show, Jazz wants to rebrand with a sexier Instagram image, but her boyfriend Doug isn’t feeling it. He demands she takes her thirst-trappy photos down, but she stands her ground. When I asked Trevor if your significant other should have a say in what you post on social media, here’s what he had to say…

“How serious are we? Because if we’re in a situationship and nobody said the words ‘I wanna be with you’ and ‘I want you to be with me,’ then people can do whatever because there was no communication. You can’t really be faulted for situations that aren’t clear. But, I feel like if you’re really going to be with someone, absolutely, for sure… ‘That’s too much, I need that to come down now.’ Vice versa, though, which means if I have a say about hers, she has a say about mine. A fair compromise.”

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In yet another exciting addition to the cast, Jordyn Woods is all set to star in an upcoming Grown-ish episode and Trevor mentioned she’s really talented and her character plays an important role. “She stays at the Hawkins dorms and the episode she’s on is about Black mental health,” he said, giving us a little insight. “She’s kind of the first person to open up about mental health being difficult to talk about. She did great for her first time acting, she did a great job!” Speaking on the entire cast, he tells us they’re all family at this point. “Diggy’s been my brother forever, since like 16, we used to tour and do music together — still do. We’ve all become a family. I think that’s the best part of my life right now… when I can just go and not feel like I’m working.”

So, besides his own show, what else is Trevor watching? He’s really into this series Huge In France on Netflix, which he says is about a famous comedian in France who’s hilariously confused when he moves to the United States and attempts to lead a normal life. He also got pretty excited talking about The Umbrella Academy, which I can tell you is definitely worth the watch.

Tune into Grown-ish tonight on Freeform at 8 p.m. ET and stream his latest project Rough Drafts, Pt. 2 on all major platforms.