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Lori Harvey’s Public Date With Diddy Has A Lot of People Raising Their Eyebrows

After months of speculation that they were an item, Lori Harvey and Diddy have added more fuel to the fire today by getting spotted together in public–and they’re even rocking some matching outfits.

There are a plethora of reasons that this coupling is shocking fans everywhere, which starts with the fact that Lori is 22-years-old and her rumored boo is more than double her age at 49. Beyond that, the most egregious information coming to light is  the fact that Ms. Harvey has been linked to Justin Combs in the past, Diddy’s 25-year-old son.

After a public relationship with Trey Songz, rumors were flying that Lori exited that relationship to be with Justin–which was only back in the beginning of 2019. No matter who you are, most people agree that it’s pretty…, unconventional to date a son and then later move on to his father. Especially when it’s only been a few months in between the two flings.

While there have been whispers of a down-low relationship between these two celebs in the past, their foray into the public eye still surprised a lot of people who didn’t quite know whether or not the rumors were true. We still don’t know if this makes them an official couple, but going out together in some matching outfits sure does cause a stir.

Lori was engaged to Memphis Depay in June 2017 and since their break-up, she’s been living her best life and exploring the waters while being linked to a few different big names. She has been in the headlines more than ever recently, including getting swarmed by the Beyhive after doing nothing but having a conversation with Jay-Z and smiling just a little too much. Notably, she’s also the only thing Meek Mill has on his wishlist for Christmas, according to his track “Going Bad” with Drake.

With how much the public is zoomed in on Lori’s relationships recently, anyone she’s seen out with is bound to make headlines–but her appearance with Diddy is just as unexpected as it is odd.

Check out how the people of Twitter responded when the photos of Lori Harvey and Diddy out and about together surfaced online. It’s safe to say the City Girls’ odds are looking a lot better with Lori on their team.

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