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Cardi B Stands By Her Desire To Defend Herself Against Fans Who Come For Her

There’s probably no other celebrity of her caliber that responds to hate on social media as frequently as Cardi B.

It all comes with the territory: for every 10 fans there’s gonna be that 1 hater, and for some reason, it’s so much easier to focus on the negative–even though, in most cases, the love these celebrities far outweighs those couple of negative Nancys.

Cardi B, who continually calls herself “MOSTHATED” on social media, seems to think that just about everyone hates her now that she’s become so famous. That clearly isn’t the case, but she often feels the need to defend herself against the trolls (*cough cough* the Barbz) who come to her mentions to throw jabs at her marriage to Offset, the rumors that she doesn’t write her own verses, and more.

Because Cardi is such a huge name now, a lot of people are often confused and turned off by the Bronx native’s need to constantly reply to her haters on social media. We’re so used to major superstars like Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, and more who rarely even use social media–they would never respond to some random internet troll. On top of that, it can make certain celebrities look ungrateful for the millions of fans they do have if all they ever respond to are those spewing hate.

But of course, in typical Cardi B fashion, she has a message for everyone who thinks that just because she’s a celebrity, she shouldn’t be able to reply to the people who come for her on Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else.

After a fan commented on Cardi allegedly having to enlist the help of songwriters to complete her verses, Belcalis replied telling her to stick to her diet. This rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, which drove Cardi to defend herself, tweeting out a screenshot of all the negative DM’s that same girl had sent her in the past.

“So she can continuously leave hate comments on my page and on dm but asoon as I tell her to stick to her diet which she claim she was on I’m fatphobic?”

She went on to reply to even more negative comments in her DMs, calling people too sensitive and continually replying to fans with jokes about their looks. She also admits that some of the jokes about Offset cheating make her laugh, but calls out one for being “corny” and tells the fan he looks like an ostrich.

All in all, it looks her her feelings on replying to haters can be summed up in one tweet: