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John Cena’s family comedy Playing With Fire hits theaters this weekend. The movie is funny and filled with a lot of slapstick comedy your children will love. The film starts off by showcasing a straight-laced fire superintendent named Jake “Supe” Carson and his elite team of firefighters fighting a blaze and perfectly saving the day. Once the group of Smoke Jumpers are back at the base they watch a news report of Commander Richards played by 24 star Dennis Haysbert basking in their glory and saying he will be looking to name a successor to take his place.

This news gets ‘Supe’ excited as his firefighting brothers tell him he’s a shoo-in for that promotion. This has been Supe’s life long dream, but that’s when things start to fall apart as half of his team quits, right before a fire breaks out in the middle of the forest. The remaining crew takes this time to prove their worth by going out and putting out the fire by themselves. During this firefight, they end up saving a group of children whose parents are away for the weekend forcing these kids to have to stay at the fire department, but that’ when the hijinks begin.

I thought this film was straight fire and laugh out loud funny. It’s ridiculous for sure and John Cena knows it telling me, during our interview on this episode of Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine, that he appreciated my favorable review, “but I would be ignorant to think that were wouldn’t be an antagonist opinion to this movie.”

John has faced a lot of criticism from this film already because while filming Playing With Fire he went back to the job that made him famous, Professional Wrestling for a match with The Undertaker and got ripped a new one for having a “stupid haircut.” John opens up about how he handled that experience, “I think step one is being comfortable in your own skin,” adding. “Give all you have, know who you are and honestly evaluate the criticism.”

Solid advice. John also revealed how he handled someone saying his hair looks FN stupid. Check out the full interview above and keep checking back for GlobalGrind for more exclusive Hollywood interviews.