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Celine Dion has always been a fashion icon in her own right. But lately, the singer’s drip has been on a whole new level. Over the weekend, Ms. Dion proved that when it comes to this style ish, she’s been serving the people since before your fave fashion icon was born.

She had the Internet in a full blown frenzy on Saturday when she hit the streets of New York City rocking Balenciaga jacket with neon accents, layered over a black-and-white pair of track pants. The $995 Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers was the icing on the dripped out cake.

It’s pretty apparent that the 51-year old Perfect Goodbye singer has a whole new team behind her. On Wednesday, she made headlines like Hollywoods new IT girl, all thanks to her chic faux bob with the sleek long pony attached.

Better hop on the ‘Celine Is A Fashion Queen’ wagon now before it gets overcrowded. Folks are starting to take notice of how the singer’s fashion game has skyrocketed in recent years. But what’s the inspo behind her newly eccentric style?

“I dress for me, the way I feel…I want to feel that I feel great about myself, I feel strong about myself, I feel good about my decisions with the help of a lot of people. It’s all about courage and I think everyone should feel like that. “- GMA

Artists like Young Thug and Future can take notes from Celine Dion on how to appropriately drip without trying to keep up with the younger kids. Hit the flip for more pics of Ms. Dion’s epic fits.

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