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Sometimes it feels as though the human race is just wandering along the planet with little to no guidance. The only thing we truly have to show us the “correct” way to live is the experiences of those that came before us. Wise people turn to spirituality to get a sense of counsel and instruction, but even wiser folks study history to see what’s going to happen next, how it’ll play out, and what role they play in the grand scheme of it all.

Ironically, modern times are just as predictable as they are uncertain. Either the television and film industry is full of history buffs with very accurate imaginations, or life is really a continuum of cycles that repeat themselves. ‘Cause there’s no way that shows like the Simpsons have been able to accurately predict so many occurences.

Remember when the hit FOX show predicted that Disney would purchase and acquire all the rights to network…20 years before it happened?

Or how about the time they predicted Prince’s suspicious death eight years before he actually died.


Strangely enough, the Simpsons isn’t the only film or television show to eerily predict what would be happening in the future. Check out our list below.

Outbreak (1995)

Disaster films are always relatable in some way. Outbreak, starring Morgan Freeman, tells the story of a dangerous airborne virus threatens civilization in this tense thriller. After an African monkey carrying a lethal virus is smuggled into the U.S., an outbreak occurs in a California town. Sound familiar?

The Truman Show (1998)

Before reality television was a thing, the 1998 Jim Carrey film predicted that the world would be watching other people live their daily lives for entertainment purposes. Hell, the Kardashians built a billionaire dollar empire off the Truman illusion. Stay woke.

You’ve Got Mail Online Dating (1998)

Before Okcupid, Tinder and were a thing, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks found love via the Internet thanks to good ol’ AOL messenger.

Back To The Future II (1989)

When Marty McFly traveled from 1985 to 2015 , viewers got a special glimpse of what the possible future would look like, through Robert Zemeckis’ eyes. Lo and behold, 40 years later and we’ve came, saw and conquered the whole hoverboard wave.

Spongebob (2000)

Spongebob and crew may live in Bikini Bottom, but they may have been a tad more advanced than us land folks. Plankton’s wife was a talking computer way before we knew who Siri or Alexa was. Makes you wonder if Karen is the mother of intelligent assistants.

Star Wars 

Holograms went from being seeming impossible, to being a common thing these days. But no one believed that we’d be able to watch holograms of deceased celebs performing. Especially when the concept of holographic technology made its first appearance in the 1980s classic Star Wars Strikes Empire Back.

Dick Tracy (1946)

Since its first comic strip appearance in 1946, Dick Tracy was the cool with all the swag. But it was his technologically advanced watch that made him so special. Maybe Steve Jobs and the folks at Apple drew some inspiration from him for their Apple Watch.