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It’s Keyshia Cole‘s birthday today!

The world was first introduced to the 39-year-old beauty back in 2005 when she released her critically acclaimed debut album, The Way It Is. The project spawned classics like “I Changed My Mind,” “Love,” “I Should’ve Cheated,” and “You’ve Changed” — songs Keyshia is still known for until this day. In the 15 years that would follow, she ventured into reality tv, became a mom to two loving boys, released six more albums, and of course toured all over the world. On top of all that, she seems happier than she’s ever been, after getting back to life as a single woman, and she hasn’t aged one bit.

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Today, we’re celebrating the R&B icon and hoping she has the happiest of birthdays. Check out 14 more photos of our fave over the years in the gallery below!

14 Pics Of Keyshia Cole Over The Years (PHOTOS)
14 photos