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1. A fresh-faced Keyshia hit the scene in 2003.

2. Hey, beautiful!

3. In her early music days, Keyshia worked heavily with an up and coming Kanye West.

4. Young Keyshia Cole rocked red hair back in ’05.

5. She stayed true to her ‘around the way girl’ persona.

6. Upgrade!

7. Glam girl back when she was BFFs with Paris Hilton.

8. Grammy goddess in all black.

9. In 2007, Keyshia promoted her sophomore album on TRL.

10. The songstress shined in yellow back in 2009.

11. Cutie on the carpet in 2014.

12. Grown Up Keyshia.

13. She can still mix hood & chic.

14. Now she’s building a brand.

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