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It’s Kamala Harris‘ 56th birthday today, so celebrations are in order.

Back in August, Senator Harris became the official Democratic nominee for vice president in the 2020 election. Ever since, she and our president-to-be, Joe Biden, have been a beacon of hope for Americans, who continue to suffer under Trump’s administration. Not only is it great to finally have a Black woman running for VP on a major party ticket, Senator Harris can really hold her own and we absolutely love to see it.

We witnessed as much when she went head-to-head against Mike Pence during the 2020 vice presidential debate. If you missed it, there were a ton of noteworthy moments throughout the night, as even a fly landed on Pence’s head — driving the point, that he is truly full of sh*t, home for viewers across the nation. But for women — Black women, especially — the best part was seeing ourselves in Senator Harris, as she gracefully demolished boys’ club Pence, stopping him when he cut her off and correcting him at every turn. 

For her birthday today, we’d like to thank Senator Harris for being a leader young woman can look up to. Here are 7 more GIFs that say it all. 

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When you know they’re lying, but you’re interested in seeing how far they’ll take it.

That moment when you, sir, have got her f*cked up. 

What are you even talking about? Shame on you.

Kamala Harris No GIF by Election 2020

Are you done yet?

Wow, the incompetence.

Look here, cut the bullsh*t.

And last but not least… To all my haters, I. Have. Arrived.

Come through with your favorite Kamala GIF and join us in wishing her a happy, happy birthday.