The Daily Grind Video

<p>Bow Wow you better get your girl! Angela Simmons was spotted hanging out with her &ldquo;male friend&rdquo; Rob Kardashian at a spa in Beverly Hills. They actually make a good couple, Angela is already down with the swirl. And Rob seems like a good dude for her. It really hard to make things work after someone cheats, so the Bow Wow thing may need to be deaded now.</p><p>&ldquo;I just want to take this time to speak to y&rsquo;all for real about the rumors and stuff people are saying about me in the industry. I am single and I think that it is terrible that as a female I can&rsquo;t hang out with my male friends without it being said that I am dating them. I have friends just like everyone else and I am not dating every guy that you see me hanging out with.&rdquo;</p><p>They are getting their feet done together, how adorable is that. We are Team Bob Kardashian!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>