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Artist Baby Keem shares a short clip from a video featuring himself, Normani and Kendrick Lamar, who is now referring to himself as Oklama.

The short 19-second clip Baby Keem shared to his personal Twitter account is playing in reverse. Thanks to the quickness of social media users, there is also another clip with an unreversed snippet.

The song entitled “Family Ties” was vaguely posted without any details on the release date or whereabouts of the video. It shows Kendrick speeding in a modern stretch limousine when Normani appears frustrated, hopping over the driver’s seat to meet Lamar who is firing off rounds and shouting toward the camera. In the reverse, Normani hops in the backseat seated on Baby Keem’s lap, kissing for a moment.

The video played in its true format reveals Kendrick reciting, “Looking for a better me. I am a legacy.” He continues, “Soon as I press that button, n*ggas better get right like the ambulance coming.” The short snippet sounds exciting from what we can hear so far. It certainly revved up Kendrick Lamar super fans excited to hear new music from the Compton rapper.

As the credit screen rolls in at the end, it showcases the Dave Free Format-directed video starring Normani, Baby Keem and Oklama. No other details yet, but it seems like Kendrick Lamar fans can expect his last TDE album soon enough.

Check out the short clip below.

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