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Fans have coined Taye Diggs’ TikTok account, TayeTok. The actor and theater enthusiast often shares random videos to his TikTok singing and dancing joyfully. Today (Feb. 9), one video featuring Apryl Jones, caused Diggs to trend on Twitter.

Diggs most recent viral video features him showing Jones some new moves and urging her to commit fully to the steps. Some fans are wondering if the two are dating, because she has appeared in several of his videos since he created his TikTok account a few months ago. Neither Diggs or Jones have confirmed whether or not they’re dating, but they have no problem spending time together on the social media platform.

The actor has already garnered over 1 million followers on TikTok with his first video being published December 10, 2021. The video of him demonstrating or mocking terrible transitions has gained over 2 million views since it was published.

Diggs’ trending status has pushed fans to give Diggs his flowers. Fans are rejoicing Diggs for being authentically himself and bringing joy to our timelines. Some fans share how his TikTok antics were once annoying, but now, they can’t help but to praise him for being such a light.

Diggs makes it quite obvious that his has an affinity for the world of theater despite his countless onscreen roles. He practices his theater exercises and shares those videos on his TikTok profile as well.

Fans are enjoying #TayeTok so much that they are actively sharing their reactions on social media. Check it out below:

One of the videos that caused Diggs to trend today:

One of the best things to happen to Taye Diggs and his fans:

Can’t help but to love him:


He showed us years ago:

A true theater kid:

Proving to his fans, it’s okay to be yourself:

The people want to know:

No but really, what’s going on:

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