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Actress and entrepreneur Angela Means portrayed the iconic role of Felicia in cult classic Friday film. Means sat down with HYPE+ for the first time to discuss her life, career and her notable role. She gets emotional while opening up about how she approached the role of Felicia. While most Friday fans only recognized Felicia as the neighborhood dope fiend, Means shares how she was able to dissect a layered character.

It’s rare that fans get an inside look in the lives of actors, so interviews such as this one on HYPE+ is a pleasure to watch. Angela Means shares her journey, moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles in the 90’s. She goes on to talk about how she set major goals for herself, many of which she was able to accomplish early on. One of the goals at the top of her list was to appear in a global commercial, and she notes that she “knocked that out right away,” booking several commercials for countless major corporations like Toyota, JC Penny and Tide.

Means goes on to guest star, co-star and eventually book a series regular on prevalent sitcoms.

The actress and vegan chef credits her intensive actor’s workshop training for how she approached one of her most notable characters, Felicia from Friday. Means shares that she attended class with some of Hollywood’s biggest talents like Hill Harper, Vanessa Williams, and the late, great Ricky Harris.

Means reveals that she wrote an extensive character biography to better understand Felicia and how to better represent the role. She became emotional as she revisited the character’s experiences.

“We just kind of let Felicia fall through the cracks,” Means reminisces in the interview.

She goes on to recount how she described the infamous scene where she asks to borrow a microwave. “At one point, I wrote that she went to go borrow the microwave to keep Deebo from stealing it,” Means explains.

Means talks about how Felicia was only trying to protect her boyfriend Deebo (portrayed by the late, Tommy Lister, Jr.) from his troubled past.

“You either gone get me that motherf*cker,” she said referering to the microwave. “Or Deebo gone come take it.”

Means is brought to tears as she ponders on why Black people could never truly see Felicia for who she truly was, saying, “What happened to Felicia? Why didn’t anyone get upset when she showed up beat up?”

The emotions may have also stormed her after recalling working with the late actor, Lister, on the film. It is a truly moving interview where the gifted actress describes how using the Meisner technique led her to diving deeper into this character.

The official video description:

For her first interview with HYPE+, actress Angela Means sits down to talk about her life, career, and the iconic film ‘Friday’. In this particular moment, Means would come to tears while opening up about some of the hurt she carried about the role of ‘Felicia’.

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