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Ashanti dominated the 2000’s with her hit songs and killer looks. Today, she continues to shine as both an artist and actress. The adored R&B diva shines a light on how she grows more comfortable in her skin as she ages. Read more about how she does it inside.

Ashanti crafted hit records throughout the 2000’s that remain fan favorites today. She had a Zoom date with Byrdie to share how her approach to beauty, style and wellness has evolved over the years.

Lately, she has been busy creating new music and starring in VH1’s Christmas film, A New Diva’s Christmas. While the NY singer continues to elevate in her career, she has learned to set specific boundaries to prioritize her health as she grows older.

Ashanti talks about why self-care is significant to her wellbeing.

“Self-care is very important.” Ashanti told Byrdie, in her Zoom Date, “I work on this daily because my schedule has been packed with shows, interviews, and appearances, and I have not taken the time out for myself. This is the first week in months that I am off for seven days straight. So my self-care routine will consist of massages, quiet time, writing some songs, and doing some shopping. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.”

The singer also revelas what she would tell her younger self to focus on, saying, “I would [tell myself to focus on] being healthy from within. I feel I’ve done a decent job caring for myself and watching what I eat. I’ve become pescatarian within the last seven or eight years. I stopped eating red meat and pork when I was in 10th grade.”

Ashanti goes on to share that she may try changing to a vegetarian diet.

“Maybe I would’ve told my younger self to start that a little earlier,” she adds.

One of the biggest gems she left in the interview is how she’s managed to age gracefully.

“As you evolve and age, you become more comfortable in your skin,” Ashanti shares in the interview. “I might put on a bikini a little more often now than when I first came out. A lot of the confidence comes from within, and obviously, you stay stylish because you’ve got to give the girls a little something. For me, it’s just about staying true to myself and accentuating the good things I love about myself. I’m proud to be happy with who I am.”

Read the full interview here.

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