Community Is EVERYTHING In ‘The Blackening’ [Exclusive]


Trust us when we say The Blackening is dead on with it’s delivery — pun totally included.

The Blackening production still

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The Blackening Is Our Must See Movie This Juneteenth Weekend

We weren’t sure what to expect when we watched the first trailer for The Blackening back in March, but after watching an early screening last week we can say the project not only exceeded our expectations, it has us imploring everyone we know to go see it too!

Global Grind Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with ‘The Blackening’ cast members Dwayne Perkins, Antoinette Robertson and Melvin Gregg about the comedy thriller. The premise of the film is that a group of college friends gather for a reunion at a cabin in the woods during Juneteenth weekend when they discover they’re not alone. A mysterious force reveals one of the group has been taken hostage and the others will have to play a game to prove their Blackness, or the friend will be killed. The group is challenged to a series of questions around Black culture and history — but if they answer incorrectly they’ll be forced to make a sacrifice. Yes we know it sounds like A LOT — but the film rises to the challenge, both asking and answering some very real questions all while eliciting both laughter and fear.

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We were particularly taken by Antoinette Robertson’s character Lisa, who is the picture of Black excellence. Without giving any spoilers, there’s a point in the film where Lisa comments on Black women’s constant call to serve as the rescuers for everybody else.

“When I read it I was like, ‘Wow I feel this!’ The end of the monologue is like, ‘I’m tired. I’m tired. I’m so tired.” I just feel it in my bones. Like you couldn’t tell me different,” Robertson told Global Grind. “I feel like there’s so much weight on Black women’s shoulders. I feel like we’re the least supported, the least respected, it constantly feels like a fight for survival. You’re told you have to be one way or the other. There’s a box that we’re supposed to fit in or we’re too masculine. If we are hurt ourselves, if we speak truth to power we’re aggressive. I completely understand the weight that comes with being a Black woman, but also the beauty of it. So what I loved about that moment was, of course you see Lisa and she seems like she has everything together and there are moments where she’s terrified and vulnerable and then there are moments where it’s like, ‘You know what? That last time you called me that B-word could be the last time.”

2022 Toronto International Film Festival - World Premiere Of "The Blackening"

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Gregg talked about his character King’s resilience and drew comparisons to his Snowfall character Manboy. Robertson and Gregg revealed a hotly contested hand of spades was played behind the scenes on set. Lastly Dwayne talked about building the film from what was originally just a viral sketch, saying how the experience has been a dream come true and it’s shown him how to be open to the possibilities of all the Universe has to offer.

The Blackening is in theatres today! Go see it, it’s amazing.