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P-Valley Episode 209 Episodic Stills

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Though creator and showrunner Katori Hall shared Starz hit series “P-Valley” would be postponed, a few fans caught the show’s star Nicco Annan parading the streets of Baton Rouge in a classic car. Watch the clip and read more about Season 3 production inside.

Back in May 2023, Deadline reported “P-Valley” paused filming due to the impending WGA Writer’s Strike taking place. The series had already finished its writers room for Season 3, but production had not started.

Creator and showrunner Hall shared her reason for postponing filming, “We will not be filming until a fair deal is reached”.

The publication reported that rumors suggested filming hadn’t started and Hall’s comments referenced the writer’s room.

“Like many of my fellow showrunners, I feel as though my writing and producing duties are inextricably linked,” she added in a tweet, “I am also a member of the DGA whose AMPTP contract begins negotiations today. Overlapping issues abound and we shall see how these stories end. As a writer I strike with a sense of radical dignity — that our work must be valued for the magic it is.”

One fan caught Annan,  who portrays the beloved Uncle Clifford on the show, filming in a classic car throughout Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fans can confidently assume they’re filming Season 3 as rigs and camera equipment is set up on the car with production trailing in front of him.

Instagram user @harmikamizunderstood shared a video three days ago on June 30 of Annan and some of the “P-Valley” production crew saying, “Omg !!! Strolling Down Florida.Blvd In BATON ROUGE ….& I saw my favorite @alldaynicco @therealbrandee@pvalleystarz @pvalleyupdates ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥😂 #batonrouge #pvalley@starz.”

Check out the short clip below: