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Latto’s new and zesty collaboration is here with Wingstop. The popular restaurant partnered with the Atlanta rapper last December for a Christmas giveback. Now, they are back with a special meal named after her. Read more about “The Latto Meal” and grab your 10 piece today.

The latest collaboration sticks to her lottery themed album with 21 classic wings with up to three flavors, large fry and two dipping sauces. One of the flavors offered for a limited time is Latto’s Lemon Herb Remix.

The Lemon Herb Remix is said to have a taste of “zesty lemon, aromatic herbs, and savory garlic, captivating fans with an irresistible combination of familiar yet innovative flavors, new to the chicken wing and sandwich space.”

“You can’t beat this flavor don’t play with me!!! I crafted my very own Lemon Herb Remix flavor with Wingstop and it’s 10/10,” Latto stated in a release sent to Vibe. “I’ve been obsessed and eating Wingstop for years. To order The Latto Meal just how I do, go with all flats in my signature flavor and all the ranch. It’s so good that you’ll be fighting over the last wing, just like my sister Brook and I do.”

The commercial takes it up a notch to promote the two-time Grammy award-winning artist’s new meal.

In the clip, Latto brings that “BIG, BIG Energy” as she rides up in a yellow Lamborghini, with “zesty” written across the plates and Wingstop floating on the rims.

Her latest hit single “Put It On Da Floor” rings in the background as she walks in the hotel lobby with her new Wingstop Latto Meal in hand before sharing with her sister and a friend.

The meal is only around for a limited time and it coincides with the establishment’s “Wingstop Wing Day” (July 29), where fans can get five free wings by using the code “FREEWINGS” at checkout.

Latto revealed a little about the collab on her TikTok back in December when she indulged in her favorite fast food.

“Lemon pepper my fave, fried hard, extra sprinkles. Mango Habanero,” she said in the video. “Y’all don’t know nothing about the Wingstop ranch. This the Latto meal right here,” she added while winking.

Latto conintues to shine throughout another successful year. As BET’s Best Female Hip Hop Artist with hit after hit, fans can only wonder what this shining star has in store.

Check out the official Wingstop commercial, promoting “The Latto Meal” and her new Lemon Herb Remix flavor below: