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BLK Entrepre-dating Couples

Source: Courtesy / BLK

In honor of National Couples Day (Aug. 18) and Black Business Month, the world’s largest dating and lifestyle app for the Black community, BLK, announced an exciting initiative that embraces love, entrepreneurship, and the power of building legacies together. Check out the two Black couples who found love through shared business ventures inside.

Entrepre-dating is all the rage. In 2022, BLK noticed the rise of “entrepre-dating,” a captivating dating trend where individuals seek partners who share similar entrepreneurial interests and aspirations.

BLK continues their initiative to highlight and uplift couples who have not only found love through its platform but have also ventured into business together. The dating and lifestyle app has even gone the extra mile to provide these couples with a $2000 business grant to help them continue reaching their goals. This movement embodies the essence of “entrepre-dating,” a trend that’s transforming the way couples connect and succeed in both their personal and professional lives.

These dynamic pairs not only share a deep romantic connection, but also work hand in hand to build successful businesses, leverage their skills, and create lasting legacies together.

Meet the remarkable couples who successfully mixed business with pleasure:

Rian and Noelle – Get Goins Pest Control

BLK Entrepre-dating Couples

Source: Courtesy / BLK

Rian and Noelle are the epitome of love, partnership, and shared vision. They are the proud founders and owners of Get Goins Pest Control, a thriving enterprise specializing in pest control services across Southern California. Beyond managing a successful business, Rian and Noelle’s story is one of family tradition and love.

Rian, who comes from a lineage of pest control entrepreneurs, combined his expertise with Noelle’s passion for business and entrepreneurship. Their journey started when they met on BLK, and just five months after getting married, they took the leap to start their own pest control company. Inspired by Rian’s aunt and uncle’s legacy in the industry, they embarked on a mission to provide top-quality pest control services while putting their love and commitment into every aspect of their work.

Through their social media presence, @getgoins, Rian and Noelle have not only grown their business but also shared their journey, love, and wholesome banter with the world. Their dedication to giving back led to the creation of the Keep It Goins Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at extending pest control services to underserved communities. Their goal is to improve health, create jobs, and educate the youth while fostering compassion and empathy. With their holistic approach to business and community, Rian and Noelle are truly building a legacy that extends beyond extermination.

Danyel and Jaquan – SRJ Logistics

BLK Entrepre-dating Couples

Source: Courtesy / BLK

Danyel and Jaquan’s story is a testament to seizing opportunities and building dreams as a team. Danyel, a single mother and mobile salon owner, faced the challenges of the pandemic head-on. The idea of starting a trucking company emerged during a ride with her daughter, as they noticed the resilience of the trucking industry. SRJ Logistics was born from this moment, and with the guidance of Danyel’s experienced father, they quickly expanded their fleet.

In a serendipitous twist of fate, Danyel connected with Jaquan through BLK, discovering a shared passion for trucking and entrepreneurship. Jaquan’s expertise, gained from his prior experience on the same contract as SRJ Logistics, became an invaluable asset to the family business. They navigated challenges together, supporting each other every step of the way.

As they prepare to merge their combined trucks and expand SRJ Logistics after their wedding in August 2023, Danyel and Jaquan embody the spirit of unity, growth, and building a thriving legacy.

To honor Rian and Noelle of Get Goins Pest Control and Danyel and Jaquan of SRJ Logistics, BLK is excited to provide each couple with a $2000 grant to support their businesses’ growth and impact. BLK believes that their stories inspire hope, love, and a shared sense of purpose within the Black community.

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