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If you can’t go to Bella Noches, where the hell can you go? After a woman refused to get out of her car to go on a Cheesecake Factory date, the Internet went into a complete frenzy. Lists were made, controversy was discussed and more gender role conversations ensued. Check out a list of ten inexpensive and totally acceptable date ideas inside.

One woman’s viral video caused a stir on the timeline last week. The woman named Monique Santos from Atlanta has been slammed online after refusing to get out the car for a first date at popular chain restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory. Santos took to TikTok to share the clip, complaining to her date that the chain restaurant was “embarrassing” before a debate began between the two. You see Santos’ date trying to open her door and her refusing to get out the car. Monique recorded the entire situation.

The controversial clip has been viewed over 2.8 million times. While seated in the passenger seat, Monique stares directly at the camera from behind a pair of statement shades. Her date can be heard in the background saying he will walk round to open her door but, as soon as he exits the car, she expresses her dismay.

“He’s got me at The Cheesecake Factory,” Santos complains. She then locks the door, shakes her head and points her finger disapprovingly as her date stands outside her door. He knocks and she eventually rolls down the window before saying with disgust, “This is The Cheesecake Factory. This is a chain restaurant.”

“Who takes someone that looks like this to a chain restaurant,” she continues.

Her date is rightfully perplexed, but offers to talk things out despite her recording their entire exchange.

Check out the video below:

Since then, social media has shared their list of do’s and don’t’s for the first date. Many social media users have shared acceptable date options for a first date, so we decided to curate our own special list.

Check out a list of 10 inexpensive and totally acceptable date ideas below:

  1. Picnic at the Park
  2. Artsy Museum
  3. Walk the beach
  4. Coffee Shop
  5. Gym
  6. Drive-in movie
  7. Botanical Garden
  8. Carnival
  9. Happy Hour
  10. Skating Rink