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The fans on Twitter are writing ‘Free @liltunechi.’ The fans on the street are screaming ‘Free Lil Wayne.’ Any way you put it, the people miss one of rap’s most dynamic superstars.

‘It’s all right, but I really don’t feel it like that,’ Wayne said, looking into the camera while shooting his ‘Nino Brown Story’ DVD. Someone off camera jokingly yells ‘bullsh–.’

‘I swear to God,’ Wayne insisted. ‘It’s all right. I’m telling you, rappers now, you better get it up while I’m not feeling it like that. Once I start feeling it like that, y’all in trouble. Right now, I’m rappin’ right now because y’all ain’t heard me in a minute. I don’t really feel it like that. But my artists though … psssh. They’ll eat you n—as’ lunch. We superstars. We don’t battle. We don’t want to be compared to nobody. I teach, I preach and I [lead by example]. Superstars. We breed superstars. I teach them how to be superstars first. You don’t wanna be a rapper, you don’t wanna be a singer, you wanna be a superstar. Therefore you don’t have to rap nor sing. You can do whatever, because you a superstar. It’s easier.’