‘Dune: Part Two’ Exclusive: Timothée Chalamet & Austin Butler Talk EPIC Fight Sequence, Their ‘Dune’ Playlists, The Power Of Faith & More

Dune: Part Two asset

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The saga continues with epic blockbuster sequel Dune: Part Two–the next chapter of Frank Herbert’s celebrated bestseller Dune–with a star-studded ensemble cast, including Oscar-nominee Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Oscar-nominee Austin Butler, Oscar-nominee Josh Brolin, Oscar-nominee Florence Pugh, Dave Bautista, Oscar-winner Javier Bardem, and more.

Dune: Part Two “explores the mythic journey of Paul Atreides as he unites with Chani and the Fremen while on a path of revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family,” per the official synopsis.

Facing a choice between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, he endeavors to prevent a terrible future only he can foresee.

Check out trailer below:

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, the highly-anticipated film is bigger (and bolder) than the first with some spectacular action sequences, including truly mind-blowing sandworm scenes.

“The sandworm sequence—scene 62!—was shot over the course of three months. There was an entire worm unit dedicated to it that our producer Tanya Lapointe, who was also our second unit director, directed, and she was hugely passionate about it. It’s such an important moment in Paul’s entry to the Fremen world, his acceptance by them—other than Chani and Stilgar, of course—and it was so important to get it right. It was incredibly complex.

Paul learning how to ride the sandworm is akin to coming of age. It’s a rite of passage and one of the main reason Paul is accepted amongst the Fremen, because someone who wasn’t one with Shai-Hulud, which is the Fremen word for the sandworm, would have died in that predicament, and Paul doesn’t. He rides the worm.”

We caught up with Chalamet and Austin Butler who talked the epic blockbuster, bonding between scenes, their ‘Dune’ playlists, the power of faith, and more in our interview below:

Dune: Part Two opens in theaters March 1.