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1. Fun Fact #1

Close-Up Of Muffin With Chocolate Chips On Table Source:Getty

Legend has it, chocolate chips weren’t an intentional creation. Back in the 1930s, Ruth Wakefield put chunks of a Nestle chocolate bar into her cookie batter. She reportedly thought the chocolate chunks would melt in the oven, but when they didn’t chocolate chips became a thing.

2. Fun Fact #2

Close-Up Of Cake In Plate Source:Getty

Two years after she happened upon her delicious creation, Wakefield struck a deal with Nestle—her chocolate chip cookie recipe for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

3. Fun Fact #3

Close-Up Of Dessert On Cooling Rack Source:Getty

In 1975, legendary soul singer Isaac Hayes released an album he titled ‘Chocolate Chip.’ The project was Hayes’ first after leaving Stax Records and it was also his way of merging into disco.

4. Fun Fact #4

Black Forest Cake Source:Getty

There are tons of chocolate chip flavors—white chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch, mint chocolate…the list goes on. But originally, chocolate chips only came in semi-sweet chocolate. Can you imagine being limited in such a way?!

5. Fun Fact #5

Close-Up Of Cookies On Table Source:Getty

Chocolate chip cookies used to be called ‘chocolate crunch cookies.’

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