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Jill Scott is a one-in-a-billion woman and today, for her 46th birthday, we are taking the time out to appreciate all that she is.

First of all, her talent alone, speaks volumes. Then, add in all that beauty and… whew. But, what tops all that off, is her winning personality—which has her constantly going viral.

Last year, for example, the famous “Golden” singer nearly broke the internet after footage of her “blessing the mic” went viral on Twitter. Folks who’d never attended a Jill Scott show realized what they’d been missing out on after watching a clip, in which she demonstrated her oral capabilities on a microphone.

Not only did Scott demonstrate a full-on blow job, she played with imaginary scrotum. It was a grown woman moment that we won’t forget for generations to come.

Earlier last year, Auntie Jill also went viral after posting while lit. The singer was super intoxicated and people were a little worried at first, but quickly realized she was OK, although super smacked.

In a follow-up post, she reassured her fans and blamed a friend for the humbling ordeal. “The morning after,” she wrote. “I’m blaming FU FE for another GREAT party. Relax sweethearts. I’m fine. Had too much of a great time. 😂😂😂😂.”

You’ve got to love her.

On a different note, Jill mourned the death of late rapper, father, and humanitarian Nipsey Hussle this week, posting a clip of Nip speaking on not quitting when he didn’t have his life fully figured out. In her caption, Jill said she could relate.

“What @nipseyhussle is saying resonates with me because I’ve quit every other Thursday for the last 20 years. Real sheet. We aren’t born knowing” she wrote, adding “We learn and figure it out. We effort, sometimes fail, then learn from the fall. Quit quitin’. Thank you young King. Rest in Power!!!!!”

She also showed some love to Nipsey’s longtime love Lauren London in a separate post.

“Lift our sister @laurenlondon. Friends/Family If you are anywhere near, rush there. Our hearts and prayers are with you Lauren. I love you. You are so loved. I’m deeply sorry baby. Dear Mother/Father, hold your child! Rest In Peace @nipseyhussle. This hurts!!!,” Jill wrote.

In short, there are many, many reasons why we love Jill…for her talent, for her humor, for how sexy she is, for her heart. In honor of it all, and in honor of Jill officially divorcing her estranged husband last year, check out 8 Pics Of Auntie Jill That Say “Negro I Don’t Play That Mess” below.

1. You can catch these hands!

Essence Music Festival Source:Getty

2. I ain’t got no time for this.

2018 Essence Festival - Day 1 Source:Getty

3. Play with me if you want, boy.

'Get On Up' New York Premiere Source:Getty

4. Tell me anything.


5. Mess around if you dumb or stupid!

2018 Essence Festival - Day 1 Source:Getty

6. From young, she don’t play that!


7. This your last warning.

A+E Networks TCA Summer 2017 Source:Getty

8. Your LAST, LAST warning!

2018 Essence Festival New Orleans Concert Source:WENN