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A lot of….riveting things happened this week that stirred the emotions of the Internet, so let’s cut the small talk and get right into it! Check out this week’s winners below, then hit the next page for our losers!


Jill Scott 



If you’ve never partaken in a Jill Scott concert, your soul might’ve dropped this week when you realized what you’ve been missing.

A clip from one of Jill’s concerts made its way to Twitter and the oral elation she was demonstrating had audiences shook. Jill happily blessed the crowd with her powerful pipes.

…and the sound equipment got in on some of the action too.

Jill was finishing off a song when she decided to finish off the mic with a perfect demonstration on how to please your lover in the bedroom. Ms. Scott gave a full-on blow job to the sound device, complete with scrotum stimulation and the two-hand technique.

Peep the NSFW visuals here, if you haven’t been sneak-watching already.


The Internet was transformed and inspired.

If people weren’t a Jill Scott fan before, they were now.

Many folks wanted more…

Jill responded to the hysteria in good spirit and she welcomed new fans who didn’t know what the deal was.

She clarified even more a few days later…

Auntie Jill even had to silence the menz trying to slide in her DMs.

Smh, sorry…

If you want that Jill Scott, better go cop the album.

Takeoff’s Eyes

On Tuesday, James Corden gave the world something we didn’t know we needed when he invited Migos to do carpool karaoke with him.

It was near perfect.

Corden not only got one of the world’s biggest rap groups to rap their own songs, but he had the three spitters sing along to Whitney Houston and even Neil Diamond. 

Though Migos’ interpretation of pop songs was quite hysterical, the biggest highlight of the trip was Takeoff’s ever-telling eyes. Migos is known for keeping their eyes covered with shades or glasses, but this time Takeoff let the pupils free and they said everything that needed to be said without using words.


In some instances, his eyes gave off “annoying creep energy” (0:31 mark), while in other instances, they conveyed “WTF” auras (11:12 mark).

It was a beautiful thing to watch and already the Internet took hold of his eyes to convey their deepest feelings.

Takeoff is us, and we are Takeoff.

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