1. Sept. 1996: Hillary always kept it classy in the White House.

2. Sept. 1996: Back in the day, the potential presidential nominee was rocking the cutest skirt sets.

3. April 1999: Even former French prime minister Jaques Chirac loved Hillary and her bright numbers.

4. June 2000: Hillary rang in the summer with a traditional pantsuit in New York.

5. Nov. 2000: Hillary and daughter Chelsea arrive in Vietnam in mother/daughter pantsuits.

6. Oct. 2000: Hillary raised the flare (and her collar) at the 2001 Vogue Awards.

7. August 2003: Hillary cracks a few jokes about her pantsuits during a visit to The Jay Leno Show.

8. March 2004: Hillary showed off her pastel look during the More Alpha Woman Awards.

9. June 2004: Hillary’s lighter looks were always welcoming, but the lace embroidered pattern was a standout during an appearance with Bill Clinton in New York.

10. June 2005: Hillary made the switch to bold and brighter pantsuits in 2005.

11. 2006: Even her Madame Tussaud wax figure rocked an awesome pantsuit!

12. January 2007: Hillary switched up her pantsuits during her campaign run for President.

13. June 2008: Hillary conceded her campaign for president in style.

14. May 2009: Blue is definitely Hillary’s color!

15. June 2010: Hillary brought back her pastel look for old time’s sake.

16. July 2011: Hillary switched up her look with this patterned blazer look.

17. August 2011: “The thing about pantsuits is…”

18. February 2012: Hillary & Amy Poehler hang out and bond..over pantsuits, of course.

19. November 2012: Hillary knows what colors work for her. This orange number is it!

20. October 2012: Hillary knows how to rock a blazer.

21. During her appearance at the Human Rights Campaign in 2012, Hillary keeps it traditional in this classic pantsuit.

22. June 2013: Hillary kept it classy at the CDFA ceremony.

23. May 2013: Hillary’s pantsuits have really evolved through the years, are we right?

24. April 2014: We can’t wait to see more of her stylish pantsuits in the future.

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