1. “Suga Mama”

“I promise I won’t let no bills get behind…Baby what you want me to buy, my accountant’s waiting on the phone.”

She has her bank on speed dial, she’s not worried about a damned thing.

2. “Green Light”

“Was just thinking if I had no you, Than I can’t do,
My stock just went up over 2 million.”

Even her money makes money.

3. “Girls (Run The World)”

“Boy I know you love it/How we’re smart enough to make these millions/Strong enough to bear the children…Then get back to business.”

Since having Baby Blue Ivy, Beyonce has been named the most beautiful woman in the world by People Magazine, and the most influential by Forbes. King B’s reign is showing no sign of ending.

4. “Girls (Run The World)”

“Make your check, come at they neck, disrespect us no they won’t.”

She doesn’t play when it comes to her money, honey.

5. “Girls (Run The World)”

“I work my 9 to 5, better cut my check.”

Who works harder than Beyonce? The OTR Tour is estimated to gross at least $195 million. That’s a whole lotta checks.

6. “Diva”

“Fifty million round the world and they say that I couldn’t get it; I done got so sick and filthy with Benjis, I can’t spend it.”

Ka-ching, her money is long.

7. “Get Me Bodied”

“Mission four, Got the vintage Rolls, Drop a couple hundreds tell him leave it at the door.”

That’s right, not a regular Rolls Royce. The Vintage Rolls.

8. “Upgrade U”

“Anything you cop, I’ll split the bill.”

She’s got it and can flaunt it.

9. “Upgrade U”

“When you’re in them big meetings for them mills, take me just to compliment the deal.”

She’s been in the game since she was 15, Beyonce knows a thing or two about closing deals.

10. “Upgrade U”

“I’m gonna help you build up your account.”

She’s Big Time.

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